Armada de Colombia rescata a cuatro pescadores en aguas de Tumaco, Nariño 

The timely reaction of the units of the Colombian Navy led to the rescue of four fishermen who were adrift in the waters of Tumaco - Nariño, since the boat in which they were carrying out rudimentary fishing work had a breakdown in the engine.


The search and rescue operation began minutes after the crew of the rudimentarl ship gave notice of the emergency to the Maritime Traffic and Control Station of the General Maritime Directorate - DIMAR. Immediately, a Rapid Reaction Unit of the Tumaco Coast Guard Station was sent to the position said by the fishermen, which was near a sea buoy of the maritime access channel, where they were found by troops and rescued.


At the time of the rescue, the Colombian Sailors verified the health status of the four people, who were in optimal conditions. Later, the rescued personnel along with the boat, were taken to the port of La Perla del Pacífico, where they were reunited with their relatives.


The Colombian Navy ratifies its commitment to comprehensive maritime security in the Colombian Pacific, strengthening and intensifying daily the security and control operations of the ships that navigate the maritime and river waters in this area of the country.


In the same way, it recommends that boaters implement safety measures before going to sea, including the correct use of the life jacket and the revision of communication equipment and boat engines, in order to reduce emergencies at sea, which may put at risk the good human physical condition.


Source: Press-Navy of Colombia

Thursday, September 1, 2022 By merybra