La Armada de Colombia rescató a 14 personas que naufragaron en aguas del Pacífico colombiano

The rapid reaction of the Colombian Navy Units, led to the rescue of 14 people, who would have shipwrecked in the waters of the Colombian Pacific, after failures in the engine of the ship in which they were traveling, in the sector of the Bocas de Curay, municipality of Francisco Pizarro, in the department of Nariño.


The events occurred when the Tumaco Coast Guard Station was alerted on the overturning of the ship ‘Salahonda Exotilo II’, which transported 14 people. Immediately, they launched a search and rescue operation and, in coordination with the Navy infantry Brigade No.4, they moved to the place of the incident, where six women and seven men were rescued alive.


Once aboard the Coast Guard Units, the health status of each of the rescued was verified, including Mr. Haiden Otoniel Vergara Quiñones, Councilor of the municipality of Tumaco, who expressed his gratitude to the members of the Colombian Navy "We want to thank the Navy, the Coast Guard team and the Navy infantry in the municipality of Pizarro for the support they gave us in defense of our lives," added.


According to the words of the rescued, the emergency arises after the engine failures, minutes after the departure in the sector of one of the hamlets of the Bocas de Curay sector, in the municipality of Francisco Pizarro


Source: Pacific Naval Force

Tuesday, July 23, 2019 By merybra