Armada de Colombia brinda asistencia humanitaria a una turista en delicado estado de salud en Buenaventura

A coast Guard unit of the Colombian Navy evacuated a 33-year-old woman of the municipality of La Bocana to Buenaventura, who presented symptoms of acute appendicitis, when she was visiting this area of the department of Valle del Cauca.


The humanitarian assistance operation was carried out late at night, after the Buenaventura Coast Guard Station received an emergency call through line 146, from La Bocana medical post, reporting that the woman from Cali who had severe abdominal pain and her medical situation could worsen, because they could not provide specialized medical assistance.


Immediately, fulfilling the mission of safeguarding life and assisting the communities that need it most, a Rapid Reaction Unit of the Coast Guard was deployed that in minutes arrived at the dock of the municipality, where the woman was accompanied by a family member and the local doctor.


Once there, the Colombian Navy crew, with the support of members of the National Police and the community, transported the woman to the maritime unit where she was later evacuated to the pier of the Puerto de Buenaventura Authority, where medical personnel in an ambulance transported her to a hospital in the port, where she received the required medical assistance and is currently recovering satisfactorily.


Source: press-Colombian Navy

Thursday, January 13, 2022 By merybra