Armada de Colombia entrega tres nuevos municipios libres de minas antipersonas en Sucre

The Colombian Navy  presents three new municipalities free of antipersonnel mines in the department of Sucre


The work carried out by more than 200 men of the Humanitarian Demining Company of the Infantry Brigade No.1  in Corozal, in the department of Sucre, led to the presentation of three new municipalities free of antipersonnel mines.


Within the framework of the international standards of the Organization of American States - OAS, to ensure safe work on demining issues, the company formed by Navy infantry troops, who since 2011 have been working in the 15 municipalities that make up the Montes de María region, have managed to decontaminate to this date, more than 500 thousand square meters.


On this occasion, the military act of presentation of the municipalities free of mines, was chaired by Mr. Brigadier General of the Navy Infantry Ricardo Humberto Perico Pinto, Commander of the Navy Infantry, accompanied by of the Secretary of the Departmental Government and civil authorities of the region, as well as representatives of the Organization of American States.


To commemorate the 196th anniversary of the National Navy of Colombia, the areas of Sincelejo, Corozal and Los Palmitos, in the department of Sucre, as well as 18 sectors and 25 dangerous areas were presented as mine-free, using the manual demining technique, which although effective, in the same way requires years of constant implementation, to ensure total decontamination of the region.


It should be noted that by 2018, it was possible to present four municipalities free of suspicion of mines: Villanueva, Santa Rosa de Lima and Los Córdoba in the department of Bolívar and Morroa in the department of Sucre.


During the armed conflict in Colombia, the illegal groups planted antipersonnel mines to keep the Navy Infantry troops away of the places of protection of the criminals which generated a permanent danger for the civilian population and the Security forces.


Source: National Navy

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