Héroes Bicentenarios conmemoraron el día del Ejército Nacional en territorio araucano

In the frame of the commemoration of the month of the Heroes and their families, the Caribbean Naval Force Command paid a well-deserved tribute to the Heroes of the Colombian Navy, accompanied by relatives and victims of the conflict, who joined this significant date through a Eucharistic ceremony conducted in the Chapel of the Naval Base ARC 'Bolívar'.


The solemn ceremony was attended by civil and military authorities of the city, including the Commander of the Metropolitan Police of Cartagena, as a symbol of brotherhood and accompaniment with our heroes of the Military Forces and the National Police.


During the Eucharistic celebration, the Minute of Silence took place as posthumous tribute to the heroes of the homeland, who lost their lives in the service for a safe and peaceful Nation.


Relatives of the victims took with them the photographs of their loved ones, who were exposed before the altar, to raise prayers to the Almighty for their eternal rest. The faces framed there symbolize the memory of those who at the hands of the enemy fire lost their lives, but remain eternally in the memory of families and the Naval Institution.



Source: Caribbean Naval Force

Thursday, August 8, 2019 By merybra