Armada de Colombia afecta la producción de estupefacientes en la Región Amazónica

The Colombian Navy, in development of joint and coordinated operations with the National Army, the Colombian Air Force, the National Police and the Attorney General's Office in the departments of Amazonas and Putumayo, have found in recent days 25,810 kilograms of solid precursors and 10,690 gallons of liquid precursors, which would be used for the production of cocaine hydrochloride and coca paste base.


The first operation that was carried out simultaneously took place in the department of Putumayo, in the rural area of the municipality of Puerto Leguizamo and at the La Esmeralda pier of the municipality of Puerto Asís, there troops of the River Navy Infantry Battalion No.30 and the National Army, found 24,200 kilograms of cement and 660 gallons of fuel that were illegally transported in four rudimentary boats, not having the certificates required by the authorities for the transport of this type of substances.


Additionally, in the Cuembí sector and the Santa Elena village in the municipality of Puerto Asís, three cocaine laboratories for the production of cocaine hydrochloride were found by troops and destroyed in controlled conditions, which contained inside 9,630 gallons of liquid precursors and 1,610 kilograms of solid precursors. According to the authorities, these illegal constructions apparently belonged to the residual Organized Armed Group Structure 48 and had the capacity to produce monthly one ton of cocaine hydrochloride, valued in the illegal market of the United States at approximately 1,534 million Colombian pesos, about USD $ 334,000.


At the same time, the Amazon Coast Guard Group together with the Brazilian Navy found 400 gallons of fuel gasoline, which were being transported in two Peruvian and Brazilian boats on the Amazon River, without legal documentation.


The solid and liquid supplies were put into custody of the competent authorities in each of the departments.








Source: Press - Navy of Colombia

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