Armada de Colombia incauta una tonelada de cocaína en la alta Guajira

The successful development of a maritime interception operation, in Punta Gallina, on Alta Guajira region, led to the discovery of a ton of cocaine in the sea.


The Coast Guard Units of Puerto Bolívar prevented the transit of the motorboat that was transporting at high speed, the drugs to the waters of Central America; it ignored the call of the authorities.


At the time of the interception, the Units found 42 sacks inside the motorboat, which stored inside, the 1,000 packages of pressed illicit substance, which would be taken to the area of ​​the sea buoys, to be collected by another illegal ship and continue its way.


This new modality of transport of the drug is used by drug trafficking organizations to take the cocaine to international markets.


The boat along with the substance and its four individuals, were taken to the dock of the Coast Guard Station of Puerto Bolívar, where the Initial Preliminary Homologated Test, Piph, was carried out, which left a positive result for cocaine hydrochloride.


With this important finding, the Caribbean Naval Force Units prevent nearly $ 33 million dollars from entering the financial structures of drug trafficking organizations in the Colombian Caribbean.


Source: Caribbean Naval Force

Monday, August 12, 2019 By merybra