Armada de Colombia incauta más de una tonelada de cocaína en el Pacífico colombiano

In an operation carried out by the Colombian Navy Units, jointly and in coordination with the National Army, the Colombian Air Force and the National Police, more than one ton of cocaine hydrochloride, was found. It was transported aboard a Fleeper boat, three individuals were captured in Tumaco, Nariño.


The operation carried out with information from Naval Intelligence and the National Police, led the units of the Tumaco Coast Guard Station to launch a maritime interception operation of a ship, in which three individuals were traveling suspiciously, 60 miles of the municipality of Tumaco, late at night.


When noticing the presence of the Colombian Navy Units, the individuals undertook the escape, beginning a pursuit, in waters of the Pacific Ocean. However, the support provided by an Air Force aircraft, from the Air Combat Command No.7, and a National Army aircraft, led to the interception of the ship, which was subsequently transferred to the Coast Guard Station dock in Tumaco


During the inspection, several hidden rectangular packages were found inside the ship, in a double bottom, which contained narcotic substance. Initial Approved Test gave a positive result for 1,024 kilograms of cocaine hydrochloride, which apparently would be going to Central America.


The three individuals captured, including two Colombians and an Ecuadorian, along with the material found, were put into custody of the authorities.


The finding of the drug, valued at more than 30 million dollars, represents a blow to the finances of the Organized Armed Group ‘United Guerrillas of the Pacific’.


Source: Pacific Naval Force

Friday, August 9, 2019 By merybra