Armada de Colombia incauta cerca de dos toneladas de cocaína en el Golfo de Urabá 

In less than a week, more than two tons of cocaine hydrochloride have been found by the Coast Guard Units of the Caribbean Naval Force.


The important result occurred during a heavy operation of the Caribbean Naval Force, with the support of the Anti-Narcotics Police, against drug trafficking organizations that, through the modality of container contamination, intended to transport the illicit substance To foreign markets.


The first result achieved by the Colombian Navy through the Urabá Coast Guard units led to the discovery of 1,710 kilograms of cocaine hydrochloride, which was being transported aboard the merchant ship 'Melchior Shulte', in Turbo, in the department of Antioquia.


The alkaloid was found during an inspection carried out by personnel of the Coast Guard Station of Urabá, where 68 black sacks were found by troops containing 1,699 hidden packages in a container of the merchant ship, when it was in the anchorage area, in the sector of Bahía Colombia, in Turbo - Antioquia.


The cargo was taken to the Urabá Coast Guard Station, where the judicial authorities carried out the Homologated Preliminary Identification Test, which resulted positive for 1,710 kilograms cocaine hydrochloride.


The ship, apparently had as its final destination a port in Belgium, where the alkaloid would be commercialized throughout Europe. It is estimated that the value of this shipment of narcotics, in the international black market, exceeds 100 million dollars, a figure that thanks to this successful operation, will not enter the finances of illegal groups.


On the other hand, the Coast Guard units, simultaneously redoubled efforts, with the support of Anti-Narcotics Police units, to carry out the inspection of the ship 'San Antonio', which was on the dock, where the authorities found 11 suitcases that inside they had 300 packages of cocaine hydrochloride.


Source: Caribbean Naval Force

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