Armada de Colombia incauta cerca de una tonelada de tiburón en Chocó

In 2022, the Colombian Navy has found more than 7.4 tons of illegally extracted fishing resources in the Colombian Pacific.


In sea control operations in Bahía Solano - department of Chocó, Units of the Colombian Navy found 904 kilograms of shark, a protected specimen whose rudimentary or industrial fishing is prohibited in Colombia to improve its conservation and sustainability.


The facts were reported when units of the Bahía Solano Coast Guard Station inspected a Colombian fishing ship named Los Pescadores, crewed by eight people and that would have sailed from Buenaventura - Valle del Cauca, to conduct fishing duties.


During the check to the cold rooms of the boat, specimens similar to the shark were found by troops, so it was decided to escort the fishing boat to the pier of the Coast Guard Station of Bahía Solano, to carry out a detailed review.


Once at the dock, and in coordination with officials of the Regional Autonomous Corporation for Sustainable Development of the department of Chocó – Codechocó, a sack with 89 fins and 114 shark specimens was found, whose total weight was 904 kilograms.


The fish found and the crew of the boat were put into custody of the authority.


In accordance with the provisions of Decree 281 of 2021, which establishes measures for the protection and conservation of sharks, rays and chimeras of Colombia, these specimens represent an ecological importance for the maintenance of the health of the seas and oceans of the national territory, for which their fishing and commercialization is prohibited both industrially and rudimentarily.


Source: Press - Navy of Colombia 

Friday, November 25, 2022 By merybra