Armada de Colombia Incauta cerca de media tonelada de cocaína en la alta Guajira

The result came a few hours after troops found 4.5 tons in an international operation that were being transported to Central America.


The successful maritime interdiction operation carried out in the Colombian Caribbean, led to the discovery of about 489 kilograms of cocaine, which were transported in the boat manned by three individuals, who, when noticing the presence of the authorities, tried, unsuccessfully, to scape.


The result took place in Manaure, in the department of La Guajira, where the Coast Guard Units of the Ballenas Station, at the time of checking the motorboat, found on deck the 12 plastic bags, which inside had the 428 packages.


The material found was confirmed, through the Preliminary Initial Test, to be cocaine hydrochloride. The individuals were put into custody of the authorities.


With this decisive blow, the Caribbean Naval Force prevented nearly 17 million dollars, the price of the illicit substance in international markets, from entering the financial structures of criminal organizations in the service of drug trafficking.


Source: Caribbean Naval Force

Tuesday, August 6, 2019 By merybra