The capture of these criminals was carried out during an inter-institutional operation carried out by troops of the Unified action Group for Personal Freedom, Gaula of the Colombian Navy and the Judicial Investigation Technical Corps of the Office of the Attorney General of the Nation, in the sector La Gambo, in La Comuna Seis, where three men were captured when they received $ 200,000 pesos in cash, as part of an extortion payment of $ 2,500,000 Colombian pesos.


The three individuals have criminal records for the crimes of extortion and recruitment of minors. These criminals threatened their victims through intimidating calls and visited them in their homes to force them to pay a lot of money in exchange for not attacking on their lives or properties.


Among the three captured, there is the leader of the criminal organization “La Local” of the La Carmelita neighborhoods and the Nueva Buenaventura Citadel, aka "El Calvo" and his lieutenant aka "Kevin", both with more than four years in the criminal organization. The individuals were put into custody of the authorities in Buenaventura, where they are being prosecuted for the crime of extortion.


The Naval Institution, through the operations carried out by the Military Gaula, à Buenaventura, during 2019, has thwarted 89 cases of extortion in the Pacific Coast, damaging the finances of these criminal organizations in more than $ 1.5 billion Colombian pesos, about US$ 436,000.


Source: Navy of Colombia

Thursday, August 29, 2019 By manugar