Empresarios colombianos reconocen la labor de la Fuerza Pública

The National Businessmen Council recognized the daily operation carried out by the Military and Police Forces in favor and defense of the security and tranquility of all Colombians during a meeting with the defense sector.


The president of the National Business Council, Julián Domínguez, praised the Military Forces and the National Police for their commitment, honor and dedication in defense of sovereignty, the good physical condition of the national territory and the maintenance of coexistence for the exercise of citizen rights.


For his part, Defense Minister Diego Molano Aponte thanked the recognition granted while referring to “the joint work conducted by the Military Forces and the business sector, in crucial moments where the productive sector of the country was hit, as it was during the national strike. The caravans accompanied by the Military Forces that went to the places where there was a shortage were exciting,” Molano said.


In turn, the head of the ministry invited the business sector to work hand-in-hand in the draft law of citizen security "there is a common front to not follow these attacks against the Military Forces when they are carrying out operation, and especially when there are groups that seek to hit private property which has been so difficult for Colombia to build”.


Finally, Minister Molano affirmed that the Military Forces continue to work with their commitment in defense of all Colombians, the country and democracy.


Source: Defence Sector Communications Office – Ministry of National Defence

Tuesday, November 23, 2021 By merybra