Ejército, Armada y Fuerza Aérea adecúan carpa para atención médica covid 19  en Inírida

This transitory care contingency measure was carried out jointly and in coordination conducted by the Colombian Navy, the National Army, the Colombian Air Force and Coosalud EPS (health provider), who use all their capabilities to transport and install a tent for medical care (hangar type) to the municipality of Inírida, capital city of the department of Guainía, in order to house additional beds in the event of a possible case of Covid-19 contagion.


The medical care tent, which has all the technical, health and safety specifications, is equipped with 13 beds, a first-aid kit, an emergency stretcher, a lighting system, air conditioning and a power generator, among other supplies, complying with the protocols established to support and help if required.


The tent installation and adaptation process was carried out in a space next to the Manuel Elkin Patarroyo Hospital, in the municipality of Inírida. From Barranquilla and Medellín, the material was transported to Inírida, with the support of the Reserve Officers of the Colombian Navy, the National Army and the Colombian Air Force. Later, with the support of the departmental government and the hospital, the tent was set up and activated, guaranteeing timely assistance in cases of contagion and prevention issues.


This initiative is part of the national strategy, which consists of coordinating efforts within the framework of the containment campaigns of Covid-19, whose implementation constitutes a contribution of the Security and Defense sector to the national health situation.


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Source: press - Colombian Navy


Tuesday, April 14, 2020 By merybra