In humanitarian demining work carried out in the village La Samaria, municipality of Pensilvania, Caldas, soldiers of the Battalion of Engineers of Humanitarian Demining  No. 3, found and destroyed two antipersonnel mines that were planted and waterproofed by organized armed groups to conserve their operation.


The explosive device that was in a glass container was found in the tertiary road of that municipality that contacts with the Rio Dulce village. Inhabitants of the area told the military that, since 2004 they did not travel the road, because a habitant who used that sector daily, died due to a mine that ended his life.


“The road is vital for the commerce, the purchase and sale of coffee, cocoa, grass and to go to the school Pablo Sexto. Thanks to the operation conducted by these men, this road can be used again, we are very happy since they are helping us to evacuate the mines of the land and are watching over the care of all the inhabitants of the neighboring regions ”; José Ariel Valencia Arango, president of the community action board of La Samaria village, reported.


With the clearing of that road, more than 14 families benefited of the work of the mine clearance specialists whose mission is to free the land from suspected contamination of mines and explosive devices, contributing to the wellbeing of the inhabitants of Caldas.


Source: National Army

Monday, August 19, 2019 By josedomi