Incautada cocaína avaluada en más de 18 millones de dólares en San Andrés

This important finding was made possible thanks to the joint operational synergy conducted by the Colombian Military Forces and the United States.


The drug would be destined for Central America and was being transported in a Go Fast type boat. The individuals noticing the work of the authorities left the illegal cargo at the sea.


Units of the Colombian Navy and the Colombian Air Force, with the support of United States authorities, managed to find 554 kilograms of cocaine hydrochloride 35 nautical miles from Cayo Serrana in San Andrés.


In a joint, coordinated and combined operation, a maritime officer of the Naval Aviation of the Colombian Navy, an Aircraft of the Colombian Air Force and an Air Platform of the United States Southern Command, carried out a detailed follow-up to a suspicious boat transiting through the waters of San Andrés. Once the course of the boat was identified, a Maritime Task Group consisting of the Ocean Patrol Ship ARC 20 de Julio and a Coast Guard Rapid Reaction Unit was deployed to carry out the maritime interception.


The individuals of the suspicious activity upon noticing the work of the military authorities left the illegal cargo at the sea and escaped. Subsequently, men of the Naval Institution recovered the 23 sacks that had been thrown into the sea, and then they were transported aboard the ship ARC 20 de Julio of the Colombian Navy to the island of San Andrés, in order to carry out an exhaustive review process.


Already on land, sailors of the Institution identified 554 rectangular packages that were inside 23 sacks and in coordination with Judicial Police units carried out the Approved Preliminary Identification Test - Piph, leaving positive result for 554 kilograms of cocaine hydrochloride.


The drug that would cost more than 18 million dollars in the illegal international market was put into custody of the Judicial Police for custody and destruction in accordance with the provisions of Colombian legislation.


Source: Press - Navy of Colombia


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