The illegal structure, in the south of Cesar, produced more than 500 kilograms of cocaine hydrochloride each month.


In search operations carried out in the municipality of Villanueva, in Aguachica, Cesar, soldiers of the Infantry Battalion no. 14 Capitan Antonio Ricaurte, of the Fifth Brigade, Second Division, in coordination with the National Police, could achieve the destruction of a cocaine laboratory for the production of cocaine hydrochloride in the service of the Front Camilo Torres, of the organised armed group (GAO) ELN.


This illegal complex made up of three structures was valued at about 500 million pesos and produced about 500 kilograms of narcotic drugs per month by more than 5000 million pesos, which strengthened the economy of this terrorist group.


Within the structure were found by troops 947 kilograms of cocaine, 2064 gallons of liquid precursors, 500 kilograms of solid precursors, 2 distillation tower, precision scales, microwave ovens, a press, a hydraulic jack, a compressor, a gas cylinder, among other elements used for the production of this drug.


This result has a direct impact on the finances of this illegal armed group; the drug trafficking chain is the main source of financing for its criminal activity, which generates anxiety and attacks on the good physical condition of the inhabitants.


With operations like this, the National Army reaffirms its commitment in the fight against these and other crimes committed by the GAO ELN, neutralizing its terrorist plans against the Military Forces and the community.


Friday, October 22, 2021 By admin