Valle del Cauca. For 23 days, the best athletes of Valle del Cauca congregated in the main port of the Colombian Pacific, to compete in the XXII Departmental Games and V Paralimpic Departmental Games "Valle Oro Puro".


The sports event that was inaugurated on July 11, by the Governor of Valle del Cauca, Mrs. Dilian Francisca Toro, showed that, in Buenaventura, the sport in the same way sows hope.


There were about a thousand men members of the National Army, the Colombian Navy and the National Police, who guarded the seven sports environments, to ensure the safety of the delegations of the 39 municipalities of Valle del Cauca, who participated in sports competitions, and more than four thousand visitors who, these days, lived the sport party. This important event was carried out in total tranquility, and the sport was the protagonist in the Colombian Pacific.


The mayor of Buenaventura, Maby Yineth Viera, and the Manager of Indervalle, Carlos Felipe López, were responsible for closing these fair sports, who in the same way highlighted the good behavior, the massive accompaniment and citizen culture demonstrated by the people of Bueventura.


In this way, the Security forces and the local government, in the framework of the plan called "Todos Somos Buenaventura", reaffirm their commitment to the implementation of comprehensive security strategies to improve the perception of security, to continue ensuring the normal development of this type of events.


Source: Navy of Colombia.

Sunday, August 4, 2019 By catadel