En Cartagena, Bolívar fue capturado el autor material del asesinato de un cafetero de Pinchote, Santander


After 5 months of investigation and intelligence work, it was possible to find this individual, responsible for the murder of the citizen in the middle of a robbery at his house, on October 20th.


As part of the Ayacucho Plan, soldiers of the National Army, in coordination with the National Police, arrived in Cartagena to enforce the arrest warrant against the alleged perpetrator of the murder of Mr. Jorge Humberto Velásquez Silva, a coffee grower in Pinchote, Santander.


On October 20, the arrested, 23-year-old, a foreigner, and apparently an employee of the sector, would have shot the 41-year-old coffee grower, upon arriving at his home located in the village of Llano Grande.


After his transfer to the municipality of San Gil, the accused was put into custody of the judicial authority to face charges of qualified and aggravated theft, aggravated homicide and trafficking manufacture and carrying of firearms and ammunition, in the same way, he was wanted by Interpol Colombia with blue notice.


Source: Press – National Army

Thursday, March 16, 2023 By MEBS