Capturados integrantes del grupo armado organizado residual en el Cauca

This important result was possible thanks to the work with the National Police of Colombia and the Technical Investigation Corps of the Prosecutor's Office.


Troops of the National Army, through a coordinated work with the National Police and the Prosecutor's Office, captured three members of the Mobile Column 'Dagoberto Ramos', a residual organized armed group, who were in the Vilachi village, municipality of Santander de Quilichao .


According to the investigations, these individuals are recognized for carrying out terrorist operations against the Security forces and the civilian population, such as selective homicides and forced displacement.


Alias ​​'Mariano', who allegedly would be the main leader of the group, is accused of making extortions to the rudimentary miners of El Palmar, San Antonio and Adóbela area, municipalities of Santander de Quilichao.


At the time of the capture, it was in the same way possible to find 10 firearms in which there are two rifles, five rifles, two rudimentary shotguns, a revolver, a fragmentation grenade, and communication radios, garments of the exclusive use of the Military Forces, 560 cartridges, silencers and 500 grams of coca base.


The individuals were put into custody of the Special Prosecutor's Office of Cali for the crimes of manufacturing, trafficking and carrying of firearms of exclusive use of the military Forces.


Source: National Army

Friday, August 9, 2019 By merybra