Capturado el presunto cuarto cabecilla del frente ‘Luis José Solano Sepúlveda’ del GAO Eln

The individual had been in the organization for seven years and he is responsible for several terrorist operations in the Magdalena Medio region, south of Cesar and south of Bolívar.


In the framework of the Operation Simón Bolívar, troops of the Infantry Battalion No.14 'Capitan Antonio Ricaurte' of the Fifth Brigade, of the Second Division, in an interagency work with the CTI (Technical Investigations Corps) of the Attorney General's Office, captured alias 'Maicol', alleged fourth ringleader of the front 'Luis José Solano Sepúlveda' of the Organized Armed Group (GAO) Eln.


The incident was reported in Ocaña, Norte de Santander, where after three months of intelligence work, the soldiers found this individual by means of a search warrant, ordered by the Special Prosecutor's Office 156 of Barranquilla.


Criminal record


Alias ​​'Maicol', 25, apparently had seven years in the organization, starting in 2012 as a base guerrilla, being the right hand of alias 'Gonzalo', head of the front 'Luis José Solano Sepúlveda', expert in explosives handling and with 'Pisa Suave' training (furtive).


In 2014, he was sent to the company 'Tito Marín' in the south of Bolívar, in 2015 he took a fighter course in the northeast of Antioquia, in 2016 he took a sniper course, later in 2017 he was appointed as squad leader and in 2018 assumed as the fourth head of the front, a position he holds until this year. He was currently in recovery, because in recent days he would have been injured in combats with the troops of the National Army, on the South of Bolivar.


By the years 2016 to 2019, he would have participated in several attacks, kidnappings and terrorist operations against the National Police, the troops of the Jungle Battalion No.48 and the Joint Task Force Marte, in which this group would have killed and injured several members of the Security forces and civilians, in different events.


This ringleader would be responsible for executing terrorist operations and criminal intelligence activities for the ‘Luis José Solano Sepúlveda’ front of the ELN Organized Armed Group, causing several effects on the troops with attacks, attacks with explosives and snipers. In the same way, he would be responsible for the consolidation of strategic areas of the ‘Darío Ramírez Castro’ front, with boundaries between Antioquia and Bolívar.

This capture directly hits the armed subsystem responsible for the security of the main leader of the mentioned structure of the Eln and neutralizes the ability to carry out terrorist operations against the Security forces, the State Infrastructure and civilians in the municipalities of Arenal and Morales, in Bolívar.


Source: Fifth Brigade - National Army

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