En ofensiva contra el GAO Los Caparros es capturado a alias San Miguel, cabecilla de finanzas

This ringleader, who was part of the extinct AUC (self-defense forces of Colombia), came frightening the communities that live in the municipalities of Cuturú, Puerto Claver, in the Bijagual village of the municipalities of Caucasia, El Bagre and Nechí in the Department of Antioquia.


In military operations troops of the National Army, within the framework of the military and police campaign Aquiles, in coordination with the Attorney General's Office of the nation and attending the early alerts 031 of 2018 and 035 of 2019, by judicial, capture alias San Miguel, who served as the finance ringleader of the organized armed group, GAO, Los Caparros, in Caucasia and El Bagre in Antioquia.


The military operation was carried out thanks to the alerts of the information networks, which denounce the presence of this ringleader in the municipality of Cuturú in rural area of the municipality of Caucasia, Antioquia; the troops of the National Army arrived to capture this criminal.


As it was established, alias San Miguel, 37 years old, would have a criminal experience of more than 15 years, he is reported to plan attacks against the Military Forces, carry out operations of coercion to civilians through the focused criminal component. In the same way, he collected money from extortions and conducted targeted killings; he also participated directly in criminal structures in disputes against the GAO Clan del Golfo for the control of illicit income and drug trafficking in the Bajo Cauca antioqueño.


Apparently, this individual would be responsible for the murder of four people in the Bijagual village of the municipality of Nechí, which occurred on November 3, 2020 and in the murder of a minor occurred in Cuturú, last May 10, 2020, the judicial authorities conduct the investigations.


Alias San Miguel, has an arrest warrant in force for the crimes of aggravated homicide and association to commit aggravated crimes. He was put into custody of the Judicial Authorities, who determined the legality of the capture and ordered his detention.


Source: National Army News Agency

Wednesday, November 18, 2020 By merybra