Capturado en zona rural del sur de Bolívar alias Dalip, señalado cabecilla del Eln

This individual apparently is the main ringleader of the Alfredo Gómez Quiñónez Front, of the Eln.


In the framework of Operation Simón Bolívar, which seeks to counter the criminal operations of the Organized Armed Group Eln, the joint and inter-institutional operation was carried out by the Joint Task Force Marte, with the Mechanized Infantry Battalion No.4 General Antonio Nariño of the First Division, the Division of Aviation and Air Assault of the National Army, the Colombian Air Force and the Office of the Attorney General of the Nation - Specialized Directorate Against Criminal Organizations (DECOC), with a previous work of military intelligence. In this sense, alias “Dalip,” who would be the main ringleader of the front Alfredo Gómez Quiñonez of the Organized Armed Group Eln, was captured.


This man is captured in the Santo Domingo village, in the municipality of Arenal, south of the department of Bolívar, who had a current arrest warrant for the crimes of conspiracy to commit crimes, terrorism and rebellion.


According to the first information, this individual had eight years of criminal experience, and his capture means a significant impact on the command structure of this front, as well as on criminal rents based on extortion, criminal mining and drug trafficking business, carried out by this terrorist group.


The man was put into custody of the Prosecutor 156 of Barranquilla, which will carry out the judicial process.


It is important to highlight the operation carried out by the military intelligence, as well as the Colombian Air Force, which, through the Air Combat Command No. 3, contributed to the successful development of this operation.


Source: National Army

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