Capturados 10 integrantes del Clan del Golfo en ofensiva de la Fuerza Pública en Sucre  

In development of a joint, coordinated and interagency operation, carried out by the Colombian Navy, the Colombian Air Force, the National Police and the Attorney General's Office, simultaneously in the municipalities of Chigorodó, in Antioquia; in Sincelejo and Corozal, in Sucre, it was possible to capture 10 members of the Juan José Gaitán substructure of the GAO Clan del Clan del Golfo,  (Organized Armed Group), including alias Robert o Buñuelo, head of finances and micro-trafficking, as well as alias Danielito, who would have committed several homicides in the department of Sucre.


The successful operation that led to the capture of these individuals was possible thanks to a meticulous six-month investigation carried out by naval intelligence agents of the Navy and the Judicial Investigation Section of the Police, managing to track and identify these individuals. By means of a search raid, troops of the Unified operation Group for Personal Liberty, Gaula (Anti-Extortion and Anti-Kidnapping Group) of Sucre, with units of the Police and the Prosecutor General's Office captured these 10 people, accused of the crimes of conspiracy to commit crimes, aggravated homicide, trafficking of narcotics and extortion.


Alias Robert or Buñuelo was the financial ringleader of the Juan José Gaitán substructure with criminal interference in the Gulf of Morrosquillo, the municipalities of San Onofre, Sincelejo and municipalities of the Sabana region in Sucre and alias Danielito, who was captured in the municipality of Carepa, in Antioquia, it is reported to have carried out 12 homicides in Sucre and the city of Sincelejo.


The individuals had been coordinating different crimes related to the capture of illegal finances through local drug trafficking, as well as extortion against ranchers and merchants in the region.


With the capture of these 10 alleged criminals, it was possible to directly hit this illegal armed group that commits crimes in this region, counteracting the control of strategic areas and routes for narcotics trafficking, directly damaging the capture of resources from illegal activities.


In the same way, 12 homicides committed in the department of Sucre could be clarified and the dismantling of the criminal group 'Lomica' with interference in Sincelejo was possible.


Those captured were put into custody of to the judicial authorities.


Source: press - Colombian Navy

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