Desde Buenaventura un buque de la Armada transporta 123 toneladas de ayudas humanitarias hacia Nariño

With the support of the community, more than seven thousand food baskets of the program Colombia Está Contigo were shipped aboard a Unit afloat of the Colombian Navy to be distributed to two municipalities in the department of Nariño.


These are the municipalities of Charco and La Tola, where the ARC Bahía Colombia Amphibious Landing Ship will arrive, after leaving the Port of Buenaventura, where with the support of the community members of the Navy Infantry Brigade No.2, they embarked 123 tons of humanitarian aid.


The ship will sail for about four days, traveling 174 nautical miles. The first point will be the municipality of El Charco where they will distribute nearly six thousand food baskets to the inhabitants. Then the unit will set sail for the Municipality of La Tola where 1,366 kits will be distributed with basic elements of the family basket; these kitst were prepared by the National Government for the families that have been hit since the declaration of the health emergency caused by Covid-19.


Since the pandemic began, within the framework of the San Roque operation, the Navy Infantry Brigade No.2 has supported the distribution of more than 1,344 tons of humanitarian aid represented in nearly 76 thousand food baskets with non-perishable food in the entire Pacific coast.


Source: press - Colombian Navy

Friday, June 19, 2020 By merybra