"Yesterday, more than 3,000 people arrived from Venezuela. All of them have been received by Migración Colombia after their visit to Cúcuta, but we are concerned about the case of diabetics, hypertensive patients, nephrodependent patients and cancer patients who received care in Colombia," Botero explained. He expressed his concern about the education situation of 3,218 children who could not return to school because they lived on the Venezuelan side of the border.


In terms of security, the Minister insisted that normal security is maintained on the border bridges and that there is no military or police reinforcement, but there is concern for the stability of the Simón Bolívar bridge structure, which is dealing with the weight of 3 containers filled with sand.


"It is no secret that the Simón Bolívar Bridge on the Colombian-Venezuelan border, is a weakened construction, the permanent weight of the containers in the Venezuelan part of the structure could cause its collapse," Botero Nieto warned.


Finally, the Minister confirmed that a plane coming from the United States landed with more humanitarian aid: "We will try to distribute it to those who need it, this aid could replace what was burned and we will find a way to distribute it", he concluded.


Source: Ministry of National Defense

Thursday, February 28, 2019 by merybra