Golpe al narcotráfico evitó ingreso de más de 41 millones de dólares a las estructuras narcotraficantes

With this result, the Pacific Naval Force reached 143.5 tons of cocaine and 46.2 tons of marijuana found in 2021.


In the course of an operation carried out by the Colombian Navy, through the deployment of the Pacific Naval Force, it was possible to find a shipment of 1,137 kilograms of cocaine hydrochloride and 440 kilograms of marijuana, which would cost more than 41 million dollars at the time it was transported on board a lobster fishing type ship.


Units of the Tumaco Coast Guard Station, guided by information from Naval Intelligence and in coordination with a surface unit of the Colombian Navy, detected the boat manned by four individuals of Colombian nationality, at the time it was traveling in the waters of the central Pacific.


The members of the Military Forces carried out the interception 19 nautical miles of the coast, in the sector known as Punta Ají, approximately 50 nautical miles of the municipality of Buenaventura, and proceeded to search the boat where 55 bags of different sizes, which by their shape and packaging, appeared to be illegal substances; the bags were found by troops on the deck. In the same way, 19 barrels of 55 gallons and 20 barrels of 18 gallons of gasoline type fuel were found by troops.


The four men, the boat, the narcotics and the fuel were transported to the facilities of the coast Guard Station Buenaventura, and put into custody of the Technical staff of the Prosecutor's Investigation, who conducted the test of identification, determining that the substances contained in the packages into sacks, corresponded to 1,137 kg of cocaine and 440 kilograms of marijuana.


According to information of Intelligence of the Navy of Colombia, this cargo was sent by the residual Organized Armed Group Organized Armed Group Organized, GAO-r, Structure 6, Mobile Column, Jaime Martinez, under the command alias Mayimbú, who dispute the crime control of the Río Patía, with alias Allende, ringleader of the Western Bloc Alfonso Cano in Nariño, who is considered to be one of the biggest responsible for shipping of narcotics to other countries. This man has been hit by the Navy of Colombia by losses of 335 million of dollars.


Source: press-Colombian Navy

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