Autoridades capturan 14 sujetos por delitos relacionados con el narcotráfico internacional

For three weeks, the military authorities found and dismantled 18 laboratories for the production of coca paste, apparently belonging to the Residual Organized Armed Groups in the south-east of the country.


Units of the Navy of Colombia in combined operations with the anti-Drug Directorate of Peru, jointly with the National Army, coordinate with the National Police and inter-agency with the office of the Prosecutor General of the Nation, found and subsequent neutralized 18 infrastructures for the production of base paste of coca, a laboratory of cocaine hydrochloride, three illegal hiding places of supplies; 14 people were arrested, including eight alleged members of the FARC dissidents and six belonging to common crime groups.


Troops attached to the Navy Infantry Brigade No.3, found 18 laboratories for the production of coca base paste in the departments of Caquetá, Guaviare, Meta and Putumayo, finding inside 1,216 kilograms of solid precursors, 4,258 gallons of liquid precursors, 9,808 kilograms of chopped coca leaf, 180 gallons of coca base in process and 29 kilograms of coca base, in addition to machinery and equipment. In addition, three illegal hideouts were found by troops that stored 6,377 gallons of liquid supplies and 135 kilograms of solid supplies that were used for the manufacture of narcotics.


As a result of these operations, in the Vista Hermosa settlement of the municipality of La Macarena, Meta, units of the River Navy Infantry Battalion No.32 found a cocaine hydrochloride cocaine laboratory that had the capacity to produce about 50 kilograms per month of coca base paste. Inside the structure, 15 kilograms of cocaine hydrochloride were found by troops and eight alleged members of the FARC dissidents, who were carrying out activities related to the production of the narcotic, were arrested. The individuals were put into custody of the authorities for the crime of carrying, trafficking or manufacture of narcotic drugs.


In parallel, on the Amazon river in the sector of the province of Ramón Castilla in Peru, the units of the Directorate for Drug control of this country, guided by the intelligence of the Navy of Colombia, carried out the inspection of a house on the banks of the river, where there were six people, four of peruvian nationality and two of brazilian nationality; troops found 181 kilos of cocaine hydrochloride, firearms, ammunition, communications equipment, and cash. The material and personnel were taken to the province of Iquitos in Peru to make them available to the authorities of the neighboring country.







Source: Press - Navy of Colombia

Thursday, May 19, 2022 By merybra