The operation, which was carried out by the Colombian Navy in the Pacific against the Organized Armed Groups, led to the discovery of an illegal hideout, where explosives, war material and military garments, belonging to the ELN, were stored in the area of ​​the Litoral San Juan, in the department of Chocó.


The search and river control operation was carried out jointly with troops of the National Army, in a jungle area, on the banks of the Cucurrupi River, where they troops found an M-40 grenade launcher, an AK - 47 rifle, a carbine CAL 22, two 9 mm rifles, one M-16 rifle sight, six rifle magazines, three 9 mm rifle magazines, communications equipment, 600 meters of detonating cord, 1,200 detonators, six kilos of explosive material, 800 syringes and military accessories.


According to Naval Intelligence information, this material would belong to the “Ernesto Che Guevara” front of the ELN Organized Armed Group, which commits crimes in the sector.


No captures were reported during the operation. The materials were put into custody of the authorities.


During the year, the Pacific Naval Force has hit the operations of organized, residual and criminal armed groups, with the finding to date of 215 firearms, 14,275 ammunition of different calibers and 431,583 kilograms of explosives, with which they could have attacked on the civilian population and the Security forces.


Source: Colombian Navy

Monday, August 19, 2019 By josedomi