Capturado alias 'Manchas', cabecilla del GAO residual 'Iván Ríos' y la aprehensión de dos menores de edad

In compliance with the Perseo Plan, the National Army, the National Police and the Attorney General's Office arrested alias Manchas, who, apparently, would carry out criminal intelligence work to conduct criminal operations, associated with targeted killings in rural Tumaco.


In two military operations conducted by the units of the Joint Task Force Hercules and thanks to the joint, coordinated and inter-institutional work, alias Manchas, group ringleader and the apprehension of two alleged members of the residual Organized Armed Group, GAO-r, Iván Ríos structure, was arrested in the rural area of Tumaco, Nariño.


Thanks to military and police intelligence work in the rural area of Tumaco, troops of the Rapid Deployment Battalion No.5, the criminal investigation section and interpol and the CTI (Technical Investigations Corps) of the Attorney General's Office, through a court order, this individual was arrested, who was wanted by the authorities for the crimes of association to commit crimes, manufacturing, trafficking and carrying weapons for the exclusive use of the Military Forces.


Alias Manchas received criminal orders from Wilson de Jesús Londoño, alias Uriel, the main ringleader of the GAO, Iván Ríos, who ordered him to carry out criminal intelligence on members of the Military Forces, the execution of selective homicides, collection of money from extortion against and sale of narcotics on the Candelillas village, la playita, palo seco and the Tumaco district where he has criminal interference.


In the second operation using military intelligence, it was possible to the recover two minors, from whom a rifle, two pistols, two revolvers, ammunition, abundant ammunition and communication equipment were seized.


Source: Press - Joint Task Force Hercules

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