En combates un integrante del Eln, que minutos antes había disparado a las tropas, tras ser herido fue atendido y evacuado por los propios militares.

In firefights, a member of the Eln, who had shot troops just minutes before, was wounded and later was treated and evacuated by the military.


Troops of the National Army, in military operations, in the Bicentenary Plan “Heroes of Freedom” achieved important results for the safety and protection of the civilian population of lower Cauca, dans le département d’Antioquia.


Thus, in military operations, three members of organized armed groups died and one was wounded.


The first event occurred in the village La Gloria, a rural area of ​​the municipality of Caucasia. The military arrived at the place, guided by information provided by the Civic Participation Network and in response to the Early Alerts 031 of 2018 and 003 of 2019, issued by the Ombudsman's Office. There was a firefight against a group of Los Caparros who were in the area planning to carry out terrorist operations against the civilian population.


In this fact, a criminal was killed in military operations, and the one surrendered. The troops found a rifle, three grenades, ammunition and war material and military garments.


The second result was in the rural area of ​​the municipality of Puerto Clavero, municipality of El Bagre. There, with the Early Warning 003 of 2019, there was a firefight against the group 'Francisco Morelo Peñate', of the 'Clan del Golfo', and as a result, the death, in military operations, of two members of that organized armed group took place; troops found a long weapon, a short weapons and a grenade.


These individuals would have arrived in the area to carry out terrorist operations against the community.


Finally, in the village of Camelias, municipality of Valdivia, in response to the Early Warning 002 of 2019, of the Ombudsman's Office, National Army troops neutralized a terrorist operation that criminals of the Tarazá group del Eln intended to perpetrate in the area. After a firefight it was possible to capture alias ‘El Chavo’ and recover a minor. The first one would be linked to the planning and execution of the burning of four vehicles on Sunday, July 21 and Monday, July 22, in the West road, between Valdivia and Tarazá. It was learned that the second one would be a relative of alias ‘Guacharaco’, leader of the Eln who died in military operations at the end of last June.


This operation continued to demonstrate the institutional policy of respect for human rights, since one of the individuals, who seconds before had attacked on and shot one of the soldiers, resulted wounded during the confrontation and, it was precisely the same attacked soldier who first came to help him to provide first aid; he stopped bleeding. Subsequently, he was evacuated in an Army Aviation helicopter, equipped to handle this kind of emergency. The injured person, into custody of the authorities, recovers and now is stable.


Source: National Army

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