The material was destroyed following the protocols established by the anti-explosive group EXDE of the National Army, for civilians and environment protection.


In military operations carried out in compliance with the Bicentenary Plan, troops of Infantry Battalion No. 29 Germán Ocampo Herrera of the National Army find two illegal hideouts apparently belonging to the organized armed group, Structure 40.


The first operation was carried out in the village Uribe, in the department of Meta, an illegal hideout was found. This depot contained 180 units of 7.62 millimeter ammunition and 11 electric detonators, which were camouflaged inside a black plastic bag.


Later, in the hamlet Porvenir, in Jardin de Peñas, in the municipality of Mesetas, in the department of Meta, two gas cylinders of 40 pounds loaded with explosive devices, were found and destroyed. These elements were hidden in a forest plants zone, 200 meters far from the road Uribe – Mesetas, in the department of Meta.


Source: National Army

Monday, June 3, 2019 By johncampos