In response to the request of the Community action Board of the sector, troops of the National Army find and destroy 111 improvised explosive devices (IED) that remained on the soccer field of the hamlet La Pajosa and around the school La Selva, where more than 60 children receive classes.


With the support of trained dogs of the Group specialized in the handling of explosive devices Marte and troops of the Twenty-ninth Brigade, troops found these elements of indiscriminate destruction, which were made by hand with explosive material, sharp objects such as pellets, and shrapnel , besides chemical substances which could have caused great physical damage, including death.


Most of these devices were abandoned in green areas less than 50 meters of the school and the soccer field, places where the protesters were seated during the last blockades on the Pan-American Highway, according to information provided by the inhabitants. This becomes a clear violation of Human Rights, taking into account the grave danger to the minors of the sector


It is noteworthy that for operations like this, in recent days the Departmental Assembly of Cauca decorated one officer, five NCOs, three soldiers and Queen, a female dog that guided the steps of the Group of experts of the Third Division of the National Army who manage and handle explosives. They have the mission of maintaining the safety of the civilian population, the neutralization of explosive devices to contribute to the communities.


Source: National Army

Tuesday, April 16, 2019 By merybra