Ejército y Fiscalía intervienen dos inmuebles avaluados en más de 650 millones de pesos

In accordance with the policy of human security and unified operation, we coordinate efforts and Resources to counter the crimes that hit the economic security of the country which is damaged through the networks that commit crimes such as money laundering.


With the purpose of hitting the illicit patrimony of criminal structures that are linked to money laundering, troops of the National Army in an inter-institutional work with the CTI (Technical Investigations Corps) of the Prosecutor's Office and the Society of Special Assets, carried out the expropriation of two assets in the municipalities of Villavicencio and Restrepo, Meta.


One of the properties would be in a residential complex of Villavicencio, Meta, with an approximate extension of 200 square meters; it would cost 400 million pesos, the other property would be in rural area of the municipality of Restrepo, Meta, with an approximate extension of 28 square meters; it would cost approximately 250 million pesos.


As it could be established, these properties would presumably belong to people who commit crimes such as money laundering within public institutions, for this reason precautionary measures of suspension of executive power, embargo and confiscation were carried out.


Source: Press - National Army

Tuesday, September 27, 2022 By merybra