Ejército y Policía incautan más de media tonelada de estupefacientes en carreteras del Huila

Soldiers of the Ninth Brigade in coordination with members of the Military Forces of the department of Huila, continue to be decisive in their work to counter the illicit activities that sustain criminality. The operations against drug trafficking led to the finding of more than half a ton of marijuana, costing approximately 517 million pesos.


In the first action reported in the town of Lagunilla in the municipality of Tarqui, the search actions and the installation of checkpoints by troops from the Magdalena Battalion and units from the Huila Police of Traffic and Transportation Section forced the driver of the a truck to abandon the vehicle and escape to evade the action of the security forces.


Immediately, soldiers and police officers, conducting the security protocols, secured the perimeter and with the support of the Exde Group, the presence of explosives was ruled out, proceeding to a thorough inspection.


After the search it was possible to establish that the vehicle had been abandoned just before, since the engine was still warm and the keys were in the ignition position. 


Continuing to conduct the search, in the part of the body, covered with a tent, the Military Forces found several packages of creepy marijuana wrapped in tape.


Simultaneously, on the road to La Plata, troops of the Pigoanza Battalion and the Huila Police, when making the stop signal to the driver of a motorcycle, he decides to throw the package he was carrying with him and escapes. In total, eight ziplock bags containing creepy marijuana were seized.


These operations can damage the drug trafficking chain and plans to finance their criminal intentions against the Military Forces and civilians.


Source: Press - National Army

Friday, May 20, 2022 By merybra