con un gran dispositivo en tierra y una revista aérea sobre Bogotá Fuerza Aérea Colombiana conmemorará el 20 de julio del Bicentenario

With a large operation on land and an air show in Bogota, the Colombian Air Force will commemorate the 20th of July of the Bicentenary

In the celebration of National Independence Day, the Colombian Air Force will be present with a large operation on land and an impressive air show on Bogota, to pay tribute to the country at the historic moment in which both the 200 years of the Republic and also the first Centenary of the Institution will be commemorated.


On the ground the "Blue Team" will march with its training schools 'Marco Fidel Suárez', of officers, the 'Capitan Andrés M. Díaz', of non-commissioned officers, and the Postgraduate School 'Capitan José Edmundo Sandoval', as well as a bloc of the Professional Officers of the Reserve.


In the same way, attendees and those who watch the live broadcast on national television channels, will see a sample of the most representative capabilities of the Colombian Air Force, such as its Combat Squads, special operations, transportation and training, as well as the blocs of the Security and Defense Corps of Air Bases.


In the air, the air show will consist of 14 overflows of the security forces aircraft, with a surprising demonstration of power and accuracy, where aircraft type Kfir, Boeing 767, Hercules, C-295 and Supertucano, among others, will be seen; in the same way, helicopters Bell 212, Huey and UH-60 Black Hawk during two hours of the event, crossing the city in a south-north direction, on Cra. 68 avenue.


In the same way, the air show practices will be carried out on Friday, July 19 at 10 o'clock in the morning, for one hour, where the leading aircraft of each squadron will take reference for the flights on the 68 avenue. For this purpose the airspace of the capital city of the Republic will only be closed between 10:00 AM and 11:00 A.M., with the purpose of not generating major inconveniences for travelers at El Dorado International Airport.


Source: Colombian Air Force Press

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