Fuerza Aérea continúa transportando ayudas humanitarias en medio de la ola invernal

The Colombian Air Force, through the Military Transport Air Command- CATAM, continues to comply with the plans of the National Government. This time transporting more than 30 tons of humanitarian aid to Monteria, which will later be distributed to the surrounding people who have suffered the inclement weather during this wave caused by rains.


To carry out this mission, two C-40 aircraft were available, which for two consecutive days transport the cargo to the department of Córdoba in a fast and timely manner, flying more than eight hours to provide support in this area of the country.


Since the beginning of November, the Colombian Air Force, through this Military Unit, has arranged its personnel and aircraft to transport more than 60 tons of humanitarian aid to the Atlantic Coast, always in coordination with the National Unit for Disaster Risk Management-UNGRD- and the National Personnel Recovery Center- CNRP.


The cargo was made up of food, overnight kits, mattresses, blankets, zinc tiles and other items that were distributed in order to alleviate a little the situation that dozens of families are going through.


Source: Press - Colombian Air Force

Monday, November 21, 2022 By merybra