In response to the request made by the National Risk Management Unit to the National Personnel Recovery Center, a Bell 212 helicopter was sent from the Air Combat Command No.3 to the department of La Guajira, where fires have consumed around 2,000 hectares according to what was reported by the fire team that is on land.


For this, at 3,000 feet, the monitoring of these fires was carried out. These fires increased their size due to the heavy winds that occur during this time in the Caribbean Region, which is why the extinction work began with the support in land of the firemen of the municipality of Fonseca, to achieve mitigate this environmental emergency.


The Colombian Air Force will be working hard to control these conflagrations that generate a negative impact on the country's forest reserves, guaranteeing the protection and preservation of both fauna and flora. #100YearsProtectingNation


Source: Colombian Air Force

Thursday, March 28, 2019 By merybra