Tras consejo de seguridad en Arauca, Mindefensa anuncia recompensa

After a Security Council meeting with the authorities in Arauca, Minister of Defense Holmes Trujillo announced rewards for information leading to the capture of members of the Residual Organized Armed Group (GAO-R) Estructura 10, who would be the main responsible of the homicide in the region.


"A $100 million pesos reward is offered to anyone who provides information leading to the capture of Luis Felipe Jimenez Ramirez, alias Hector Aguilar or Felipe Pescado. 80 million pesos for information leading to the capture of Fabian Guevara Carrascal, alias Ferley, and $41 million pesos for Jose Ruiz, alias Sierra. These criminals belong to the residual GAO Estructura 10. The most wanted poster will be communicated," he explained.


The Minister of Defense said that it was ordered to increase the operations by the Military Forces and the National Police “to continue with the dismantling of the criminal structures of the GAO ELN and the GAO-R E-10, who commit crimes in the department of Arauca."


After the security council, he reiterated that, due to the events that have occurred in recent days in the country, the 'Special Unit for the Identification, Location and Prosecution of Perpetrators of Collective Homicides' was created, which will be deployed and covered at the national level and will be made up of the Police, the Military and the Attorney Office.


Regarding security measures for Arauca, the Minister pointed out that intelligence capabilities will be strengthened, as well as the civic participation network, in order to have greater support from the citizenry in crime prevention.


The Colombian Navy will increase fluvial and intelligence controls over the Arauca River to prevent and counteract criminal threats in the border area and national territory. Likewise, coordination and technical advice will continue to be provided to the Government for the development of the project to restore the navigability of the Arauca River, which will benefit the productivity and security of the region.


Source: sectorial Communication-Ministry of National Defense

Saturday, August 22, 2020 By merybra