Escuela Naval de Cadetes 'Almirante Padilla' es reconocida como Universidad Marítima Internacional

With this recognition, ENAP becomes one of the maritime universities that are part of the International Association of Maritime Universities


The Almirante Padilla Naval Cadet School - ENAP was recognized by the International Association of Maritime Universities - IAMU, as an accredited university in high quality that meets the highest academic standards and is in search of excellence.


The IAMU is a global network of leading maritime universities, which provide Maritime Education and instruction – MET to seafarers for the global shipping industry, in order to create and maintain an international network of human resources in the maritime sector.


Last June, a representative of the IAMU, for two days, served as a delegate inspector in order to study the inclusion of the Naval Cadet School, within this association and grant the title of International Maritime University. During his visit, the delegate was in charge of reviewing the undergraduate, graduate, extension programs and other academic processes, with the purpose of ensuring that the Naval Institution met all the requirements stipulated to belong to this association; recognizing the strength of the ENAP, in the social relevance and its programs, to maintain cohesion among its own functions and the needs of the maritime sector.


“It is a title that fills this institution, the military Forces and, I am sure, all Colombians with pride. This alma mater is at a very high level due to its processes and the quality of the education provided, the defense of the country and the Colombian maritime sector,” said Rear Admiral Javier Alfonso Jaimes Pinilla, Director of the Admiral Padilla Naval Cadet School.


  Source: Press - Navy of Colombia

Saturday, November 26, 2022 By merybra