Municipios del Valle de Aburrá se unirán a Plan Integral de Seguridad y Convivencia para Antioquia

After concluding a security council in Bello, in the department of Antioquia, the Minister of Defense, Holmes Trujillo, along with the Military and Police Commanders, as well as authorities of the department of Antioquia, announced a series of measures to ensure the tranquility of the inhabitants of this region of the country.

"The decision was made to formulate and implement a Comprehensive Plan for Metropolitan Security and Coexistence, in which security will be considered as a metropolitan event that engages all authorities and the community of the Aburrá Valley. The Ministry of Defense, the Military Forces and the National Police will accompany the Government and the mayors in this initiative", said the Minister.


He added that "the National Police will carry out an exercise of presentation with the mayors of the metropolitan area on management of micro trafficking and fear areas."


In addition, he said that in order to counteract extortion in the municipality, the Army and the Police will make a special intervention called "door to door." The results will be announced in the next 60 days.


In the same way, the Police and the Army will reinforce the patrols and will make permanent presence in the neighborhoods of Niquía, Pachelly and Buenavista, as well as in Nueva Jerusalem and Villa Linda of the municipality of Bello.


With the objective of lowering homicide rates and other crimes, the National Police members 40 will be in the municipalities of Andes, Salgar, Urrao and Ciudad Bolívar.


Finally, Minister Trujillo emphasized that the National Army will deploy a sustained operation in southwest Antioquia against the Clan del Golfo. The results will be reported in  60 days.


In the same way, on March 25, an intelligence bubble will be activated to gather information on the alleged presence of ELN members in the southwest sub-region, especially in the sector of La Granizo, municipality of La Cámara, of the Municipality of Salgar, where extortion is made to inhabitants

Friday, March 6, 2020 By merybra