Cerca de tres toneladas de clorhidrato de cocaína fueron incautadas por el Ejército, en Tibú, Norte de Santander

In the same action, 530 kilograms of coca paste belonging to the residual Organized Armed Group, GAO -, Structure 33, were in the same way confiscated.


In 2022, the Second Division of the National Army, together with the Command to combat drug Trafficking and Transnational Threats, joint and interagency with the Colombian Air Force and the office of the Prosecutor, came to the municipality of Tibú, Norte de Santander, where they found four rudimentary structures, in which they found 2,932 in kilograms of cocaine hydrochloride and 530 kilograms more of coca base.


The work of military intelligence was decisive to enter the municipality of La Colombiana, an area in which the residual GAO, Structure 33, commits crimes.


Similarly, 700 kilograms of solid precursors and 3,300 gallons of liquid precursors, chemical precursors for the production of the drug, were found by troops there.


With this decisive blow to the illegal finances and drug trafficking structures of the residual GAO, Structure 33, it is possible to hit illicit activities in more than four million dollars, money that would be used for the illegal purchase of weapons and war material, in order to attack civilians and Military Forces.


This is the most important blow against drug trafficking this year, showing the coordinated work that leads to hitting the financial tentacles of organized groups.


Source: press-National Army 

Friday, January 14, 2022 By merybra