713 millones de pesos en mercancía de contrabando incautó la Armada de Colombia

In a maritime operation in waters of Necocli, in Antioquia, the Colombian Navy found 187,500 packs of cigarettes and 12 bottles of smuggled whiskey, valued at more than 713 million pesos, material that was transported in two ships from Panama.


The discovery was made during maritime control operations by Coast Guard units attached to the Caribbean Naval Force, who detected the suspicious boats. Immediately, the crews of the Naval institution made the interception of the boats carrying six individuals on board, to subsequently inspect the ships finding inside 375 boxes, which contained 187,500 packs of cigarettes without the documentation proving their provenance, nor the import manifest issued by the Directorate of national taxes and Customs-DIAN.


The merchandise valued commercially at more than 713 million pesos, was put into custody of to officials of the DIAN, who will carry out the corresponding confiscation procedure. In addition, the six persons carrying the material were put into custody of officers of the Urabá Fiscal and Customs Police for the arrest hearing.


Source: press-Navy of Colombia

Friday, July 31, 2020 By merybra