23 minas antipersonales fueron ubicadas por el Ejército en área rural del Zulia, Norte de Santander

This material posed a risk against the good physical condition of the people and the Military Forces.


In operations carried out by troops of the Vulcano Task Force, it was possible the finding and controlled destruction of an illegal hideout with 23 anti-personnel mines by the sector of the municipality of Zulia and La Ye Agualasal, Norte de Santander.


These mines were buried in the middle of a palm plantation, in an area through which inhabitants of the rural area of the municipality of Zulia transit, and apparently these explosives would be used to hit soldiers who carry out military operations in these areas.


The Explosives and Demolition groups EXDE, of the Ground Operations Battalion No.10, complied with the established protocols, to carry out the controlled destruction, and thus safeguard the community.


In the sector, the residual Organized Armed Group, GAO-r, Structure 33, commits crimes, which with this type of terrorist acts attack people and the Military Forces.


This year, in the area of operations of Task Force Vulcano, 192 anti-personnel mines have been destroyed, operations with which the soldiers have defended and reaffirmed their commitment to safeguard the life and tranquility of the families of this important region of the country.


Source: Press - National Army

Monday, November 28, 2022 By merybra