Capturadas 14 personas por obstrucción en vía pública en Cundinamarca

The people arrested participated in the social protests that have been carried out in Cundinamarca.


In a coordinated and inter-institutional joint effort troops of the Thirteen Brigade of the National Army arrest 14 people who were damaging the tranquility and the right to free mobility of citizens in different parts of Cundinamarca.


The Mechanized Cavalry Group No.10 Tequendama and the National Police arrested 10 people who were blocking the main roads in sector El Colegio of the municipality of Gachancipá.


In the same way, in territorial control operations troops of Infantry Battalion No. 38 Miguel Antonio Caro, in coordination with the National Police, were able to arrest four people for the crime of obstruction on public roads, two of whom were detained in flagrante delicto, because they intended to incinerate a private bus-type vehicle, which was in the round point El Sosiego in the municipality of Madrid.


Les personnes arrêtées ont été mises à la disposition du Corps technique d'enquête du Parquet général de la Nation.


The Thirteen Brigade within the framework of military assistance works 24 hours a day to protect and guarantee the fundamental rights of Bogotá and Cundinamarca.


Source: press-National Army

Friday, July 23, 2021 By merybra