1.350 ciudadanos de Buenaventura recibieron oferta de servicios y donaciones del Sector Defensa

Inhabitants of the Nariño Neighborhood of the 11th locality of the Special District of Buenaventura, benefited from more than 6,000 donations and accessed the services Work to provideed by more than 20 public and private institutions that were part of this Inter-institutional Activity.


The Inter-institutional activity that took place at the Nariño School included the work of the Deputy Minister of Defense for Policies and International Affairs, Sandra Alzate Cifuentes; the Mayor of Buenaventura, Víctor Vidal Piedrahita; the Commander of Joint Command No.2, Major General Álvaro Pérez Duran; Commander of the Pacific Naval Force, Vice Admiral Francisco Cubides Granados; colonel Roberto Andrés Marín Piedrahíta, deputy commander of the Valle del Cauca Police and the Valle del Cauca Governorate, through the Secretary of Coexistence, Odias Asprilla, among others.


About 1,350 citizens of Buenaventura received more than 6,000 donations, including shoes, oral hygiene kits, sweets, key chains, masks, books, toys, jars and water bags, soccer balls, among others. In the same way, people benefited from programs and activities provided during the Activity, as talks of entrepreneurship of productive units, education, employment, and labor skills, general medicine, clinical examinations, environmental pedagogy, training in the prevention of psychoactive substances consumption, businesses, recreational activities, sports and culture.


The Deputy minister for Policy and International Affairs, Sandra Alzate Cifuentes, highlighted in the opening of the event, that the Acceleration Plan of Unified Action is a joint work of the institutions, which seeks to get together for Colombia by all corners of the country, especially, those places in which it has been difficult the work of the State. “The coordination of the Defense Sector: Army, Navy, Air Force and National Police, together with public and private institutions and the valuable support of the Governorates and Mayors, aims to connect the State with the needs of the community, it is an effort of all to guarantee democracy and the rights of Colombians”, added the Deputy Minister.


For his part, the Mayor Buenaventura, Victor Hugo Vidal Piedrahita, thanked the government of Valle del Cauca and the National Government, for the inter-agency effort in the middle of an intense fight against insecurity that is flowing through the municipality, and made a reconnaissance to the Military Forces for the coordinated work that they have been conducting with the administration to address this problem. The Mayor said that “the work must be complemented with a social offer to promote culture, sports and education to improve the living conditions of the Bonavarenses.”


During the activity, the campaign led by the Colombian Navy Buenaventura con valores was launched; it is a campaign that seeks to strengthen the principles and values of the families of the port, promoting human potential and citizen virtues.


The successful development of the Inter-Agency Activity was thanks to the support of the Navy Infantry Brigade No.2, the Headquarter of Comprehensive Action and Development of the National Army, in coordination with the Police of the Department of Valle del Cauca and the Special District of Buenaventura, Colombian Civil Defence, the National Learning Service (SENA), the Colombian Institute of Family Wellbeing (ICBF), the Unit for The Reparation and Care of the Victims, the Department for Social Prosperity (DPS), the Agency for the Renewal of the Territory (ART), Fondo Paz and other institutions.


Source: Defence Sector Communications Office - Ministry of National Defence

Friday, September 3, 2021 By merybra