En 13 años la Octava División del Ejército Nacional ha realizado más de cinco mil capturas

The Eighth Division of the National Army commemorates 13 years of service to the people of the Colombian Orinoquia.


In 2009, responding to ministerial provision No.0026 of the National Army command, the Eighth Division is created and activated as a Major Operational Unit of the National Army, with coverage in the departments of Arauca, Casanare, Vichada, Guainía, the municipalities of Cubará, Paya and Pisba, in Boyacá and Samoré and Toledo, in Norte de Santander. Its command post since then is in Yopal.


In these 13 years, the troops of the Eighth Army Division have made 5,955 arrests, of these 3,452 correspond to common crime, 486 to organized crime groups, 930 to the Organized Armed Group, GAO Eln, 941 to the residual GAO, GAO-r, 60 to the GAO Clan del Golfo and 86 to the Pelusos GAO.


In the same way, it was possible the voluntary presentation of 230 individuals of the GAO Eln and 367 surrenders to the justice of the other organized armed groups. It was in the same way possible the finding of 823,930 ammunition of different calibers and 280 terrorist operations were neutralized and 6,891 improvised explosive devices were destroyed.


The brave soldiers who faced the threats of yesterday and today, have forged a commitment of leadership and honor to the inhabitants who live in the departments of Casanare, Arauca, Vichada and Guanía; these men and women made and are part of this victorious Military Unit that has a clear mission: working to improve the security and well-being of our people.


Source: Press - Eighth Division of the National Army


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