The municipality of Vistahermosa, found in the Ariari region, is one of the territories most hited by the indiscriminate installation of explosive devices, reporting 368 victims of antipersonnel mines, of which 44 are minors.


Since the National Army began humanitarian demining in that area, the military personnel of the Humanitarian Demining Engineers Battalion No. 4, have identified eight areas contaminated with antipersonnel mines in the vicinity of four schools found in the thermal hamlets, Costa Rica, Talanqueras and Puerto Esperanza.


Thus, after clearing more than 1,500 square meters of the educational center, on the Costa Rica village, the mine clearance specialists distributed the land so that 90 children can receive their classes without any setback.


In turn, the manual demining work at the school of the Termales village led to the decontamination of 5,732 square meters that put at risk the good physical condition of 30 children and their teachers.


In addition to the infants, about 500 inhabitants are in the same way favored, which due to the warnings made by armed groups organized years ago, about the installation of antipersonnel mines, did not use the area.


It is noteworthy that, the humanitarian demining that is carried out near the schools, is done in the afternoon to not hinder the school process of children who are already familiar with the red, yellow ribbons and stakes, which remind them the places where they should travel; In addition to the destruction of devices, mine clearance specialists provide educational talks on mine risk, so that the population adopts safe behaviors.


Soldiers continue work in the municipality, where to date they have destroyed 47 explosive devices and cleared 431,230 square meters of the presence of antipersonnel mines.


Source: National Army

Sunday, February 9, 2020 By lisella